28 Kislev 5778
December 16 2017



Yom Kippur and…

October 4, 2006

Well. Yom Kippur is behind us….. and the chagim are right around the corner.

The mission… if you choose to accept it… try and keep the Yom Kippur feeling…. throughout the chagim..and as long as you can. Just heard ana interesting vort. WE know we start the succa right after Yom Kippur so we can keep our special feeling and take it to succot.

We get out of our white kippa and kittels and get into out workclothes and jeans and put up the succa. We don’t spend out year in a yom kippur setting. WE eat. We drink. We wear shoes. We work. ..etc. So we can’t get caught up and get depressed on how we are not on the same level as we were just a few days ago.. when we were crying at ne’elah.

We aren’t supposed to be.

We are on a different playing field. We have a different job for succot and for the year. To have a different level of holyness. To have H-shem in our thoughts and ACTIONS. Yom Kippur we are all words. Now we are actions. WE build the succa. We wave the Lulav. WE dance on simchat Torah. We are now giving tzedakah. We go about the year in the real world.

Think about the generation that left the midbar.. they left having food taken care of them. They left a place where water was taken care of them. Clothes. Housing. All taken care of them. Thats great for those 40 years…. but thats not reality. The real job is to include H-shem in the real world. Easy to be holy if you are davening all day. Not as easy if you are amongst goyim. Easy when you can’t do any melacha. Not as easy when you have to be careful and be honest in your job and your dealings with people.

Let’s hope that we look at the succa and the chagim and try and include H-shem in our everyday actions.

I found a minyan pretty close to my place, so instead of walking 2 miles … I only had to walk 10 minutes to daven. Small minyan. I actually bought an aliya. I hope they take the money they raised and spend it on a mechitza for next year. Or pay to have a male chazzan.

The only issue was that ne’elah went 2 minutes overtime. I’d rather have a smaller break than have the fast go over. To the shul’s credit they did NOT rush ne’elah. It kind of takes the yom out of the kippur when the chazzan is rushing to make the tekiah deadline.

I’m actually looking forward to speaking with dovid soon. He took Yoni to chevron for yom kippur and I think it would be interesting to interview him for my podcast. So stay tuned for that.

The main thing is that we should all have a year of peace and health for all of klal yisroel.

Last night was the playoffs and championship game for my softball league.

and for the first time in my life…. I actually walked off on the winning side.

We’re talking about playing leagues in camp dora golding going back to 1981.

Being a captain from 1987 through the early 90’s in camp and day camp.

Being on 3 teams just this year.


Down in the playoff game we came back.

down in the last game, 6-0 we came back… and..

most importantly… and the fellas from Staten Island sunday over 30 team… actually… almost over 40 team…. what is the one thing you can say about me….

besides the tight baseball pants..

ok…. besides hassling ralph..

besides the rickey henderson catches…

I DO bust it out to first base.

I’m not the fastest out there. but I have beat several infield ground balls.

Last night down 6-0 With 1out in the 6th inning (we play 7) against a tough pitcher woh only gave up 1 hit previously… I beat out a grounder to first base. Big deal you say?

Well, this sparked the team and we scored 3 that inning and won the game when I hit a single with the bases loaded in the last inning.

Better than a long drive. Better than a long shot over the short right field at the Young Israel park is beating out the grounder.

At the park laast night, even the homeless guys in right field were cheering when I reached and when I won.

Well, enough of that.

Its wednesday and I’m looking forward to heading home for the chaggim. We are planning on going up north to a zimmer… I think its a bed and breakfast in hebrew… or some language.

It will be good for the kids to get away for a bit. Its not easy having school every day with tutoring… so a few days up north and a day at the water park…. should be an exciting chag.

well, Have a good day and a great YOm tov if I don’t speak to you before Shabbos,






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