28 Kislev 5778
December 16 2017



Brewers 5 - Shimshon Hi Tech 2
In a frustrating game where both teams played fairly well, Shimshon Hi Tech came up on the short end. Shimshon got a fantastic performance from pitcher Sholom Menorah who recorded nine strikeouts, yes nine! and walked only one. He added some offense (2 hits and an RBI) as well.
However, Shimshon could not seem to get the big hit when needed. And their hard line drives seemed to end up in the gloves of the Brewer fielders. Combine that
with being on the wrong end of some missed calls by the umpires and Shimshon Hi Tech was left wondering how they could have lost to a team which had not yet registered a win. To their credit the Brewers played very well. Defensively their shortstop, pitcher, and catcher played well. Offensively, their #2 hitter hit two bombs over the outfielders head.
For Shimshon Hi Tech, catcher Mendy Newman played a good game both offensively and calling the pitches.





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