28 Kislev 5778
December 16 2017


4th Annual Gush Etzion 10K

Beit Shemesh Runners represent the largest club taking part in the event.
On May 5th Mo'etzet Gush Etzion held its annual Sports fest at the Mo'aitzah's Matnas across from the old knisah to Alon Shvut. This four year old event has something for everyone with a number of different length events in swimming, bicycling, and running. A plethora of different award categories as well for the many different age groups represented.
Weather was cool as runners warmed up before the race. However, the trail took its toll as a number of runners did not expect to be leaving asphalt and sustained injuries. Many complained that they did not know till the day of the race that half the distance would be dirt trails and that they were not accustomed to running on it. Others decided to sign up specifically because of their affinity for the rugged rocks and
uneven surfaces. In addition to the challenging trail terrain there was a steep 1.2km hill that tested each of the runner’s stamina.
Some of the highlights were Richard Levitas taking 2nd place in his age category at 40 minutes and Shimon Levy doing a sub-45 minute 10K.
The youth were also well represented as a number completed their first sanctioned races in excellent time. Congratulations to all.




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