28 Kislev 5778
December 16 2017


  Beit Shemesh IAB Cadet Team (13 - 15 year olds)
Team Name: Comets
Coaches: Jordy Alter and David Kurtz

Record: 5 - 3

Josh Alter - pitcher/first base (wicked curve ball, solid player)
Amichai Becker - shortstop , outfield  (steady and is always IN the game)
Bezalel Escott - third base , shortstop (laser of an arm)
Yoni Friedman  - Second base, outfield (has been a solid hitter lately)
Eli Jerenberg  - third base (has improved tremendously in the field at the hot corner)
Shalom Jerenberg  - outfield (anchors the outfield)
Yakir Kaplan  - outfield (small and young but always puts out his best effort)
Nuriel Kurtz  - second base, outfield (best contact hitter - hardly ever strikes out - unless a very bad call from the umps)
Yehuda Levy - pitcher/first base  (lefty pitcher)
Zviki Saffer  - outfield (best baserunner - has the base stolen before the pitcher winds up)
Avi Thomas  - first base, pitcher, outfield (newest pitcher, successful debut with a scoreless inning )
Yair Wimpfheimer - catcher  (our one and only - very few passed balls in any game) 




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