28 Kislev 5778
December 16 2017


Week 4: Back to Baseball
We experienced a very exciting return to baseball on Friday. It seems that many of the players were practicing over the Pesach break. I saw a lot of spectacular hitting and fielding out on the Ampi. There were two defensive plays that got me particularly excited. The first one happened during the Marlins/Nationals game. One of the Nationals players hit a ball way over the outfielder’s heads. Nili Swickley quickly ran back and tracked down the ball. She immediately found her cut off man and threw it to him. Josh Beller, the cut off man, whirled around and threw a strike to the catcher from the edge of the infield cutout. The catcher got the ball and was in perfect position to record the out. This series is incredible because the runner was way past second by the time Nili got to the ball, and all three players got into their exact correct positions to make the play possible.
The second play that caught my eye was in the Pirates/Cardinals game. A Cardinal player launched a bullet off his bat. From my vantage point, at that moment the bat more resembled a high powered rifle than an aluminum pipe. The Pirates outfielder, Yaakov Goldsmith, instinctively leapt from his feet in a mad effort to interject himself along the ball’s flight path. At that point, the ball resembled a cruise missile flying at a high rate of speed barely above the ground. With his body now parallel with the ground and his glove fully extended, he grabbed the ball and came crashing back down to earth.
Darius Schwartz




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