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December 16 2017


Biking Club
Samson Riders Bike Club is a non-profit, voluntary organization, whose purpose is to promote bicycle riding and related social and environmental projects in Beit Shemesh and Mate Yehuda.  The organization advocates bicycle riding, as:
1.      Healthy, environment - friendly, clean, inexpensive, efficient alternative means of transportation. 
2.      Very attractive sport and recreational activity, with special potential in the Beit Shemesh region. 
Amongst SRBC's projects:
        Bicycle excursions in the region around Beit Shemesh
        Beit Shemesh Critical Mass monthly bike rallies and other bike advocacy events.
        Youth Bike Clubs
        Local Bike racing leagues.
        Promotion and design of urban and regional bicycle infrastructures
        Workshops on the design, construction and maintenance of sustainable bike infrastructures, with world - renowned experts.
        National Mountain Bike Patrol
        Bicycle sport-orienteering races and events
        Road and mountain bike races in Beit Shemesh and the region
For full information, membership, schedule of events, and more, please visit SRBC's website www.s-riders.org.il!
            Next events:
Beit Shemesh Critical Mass Bike Rally: come in masses with your bikes and helmets, and together let's take the streets and deliver the message that we don't disturb the traffic, WE ARE THE TRAFFIC!  Thursday, December 29, 2005, at 16:15, Migdal HaMayim, next to Iris Flower Shop.  For further details, call Itzhak, 052-3857 254.
"Hanuka on Wheels by the Maccabean's Tombs": Family biking outing, with children 8 years and older, in the Modiin region and Ben Shemen Forest.  Friday morning, December 30, 2005.  Previous registration required at tel. 1-800-350 550.




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